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With all modern means of communication it often seems easier than ever to get in touch with each other. But in the meantime the restrictions are still very large. Are we then really in contact with each other? This contrast fascinates me. 

Ultimately, we all need love and safety. Satisfaction there of is not always possible. But even in the most horrific situations people can still experience love through connection with each other.

I think it is much more important to emphasize the resemblances than the differences that receive more often our attention.

The need for real contact remains. Including its contact with art. Through social media, art is divisible. Although these days you may take pictures in almost every museum, I believe direct contact holds a stronger conviction with artworks every time again. Therefore I search for my own way to bring art to the public.

The Silent muse project is a very different way to circulate my art. I bring my work back to the individual. I do that in such a way that there are as few barriers as possible such as that of ‘thinking’. Art speaks a universal language and can therefore be addressed to everyone, regardless of cultural and national borders. Art speaks for things that go beyond logic, in the way that love also does.

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The philosophy of the Silent muse- in gaze of the beholder

If you want to be in contact with the temporary gift you have received, you will need to take the time to stand or sit before it and enter into a kind of silence within yourself.  What is special about us humans: despite the fact that we all seek much the same thing in life, we are all very individual in how we see the world. We are unique creatures.


When you look at something therefore, you always have a unique individual view of it. And that view has everything to do with who you are; how you grew up, what is inside you, what you have and have not learned, how your character, personality is, where you live. And when you look at something, you are actually looking into a mirror, because what you experience is essentially within yourself. That’s why this project is called: "Silent muse in gaze of the beholder".


In the silence from which you look at the work, it says something, it can speak to you through yourself. So you actually talk to yourself. Without the need for words. It can be purely a feeling, or an emotion, or a wonder. 

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