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USA  May Chicago 


Originally I come from Puerto Rico. I studied in the USA, fell in love and we stayed together. We now live in Chigago.

First of all thank you for sharing your art with us. Unfortunately the time flew by quickly as we were on holiday during the month in Puerto Rico, therefore we had limited time with the drawing.


I was excited when the first email came with the request of joining the travel. Then there was a gap in time and I forgot all about it. However it became real again when it arrived in 

its nice overall package. Since the drawing came from Holland, it brought me back to memories of the time I spent there. My friendship with a dutch person gave it an extra connection. 


I searched for a place in the house where the wall would profile it, where it wouldn’t be lost, considering its size. The drawing looked natural, like a prairy. With an empty wall behind it, it became the perfect space. It added a kind of warmth and complemented the theme in our house in its neutral tones, like craft and wood, black and white.


The drawing brought some calmness and each day I saw in it something new. 

It grabs your attention and  brought a little bit of peace. When we returned from the vacation and came back and my daughter was the one who said: “Oooh it realy reminds me of the ocean”. I wondered if she would see it differently after being at the ocean in Mexico.


The art work created a kind of small personal gallery. Its temporal stay makes you take it less for granted so I wanted to make sure I observed and analysed it well.


It was difficult for me to tell which materials were used in the drawing so I went on the website and saw the video of how it was made. It was really nice to look at information about the other receivers experience. It is lovely to be able to now see how it is travelling through the world. To see the same kind of artwork visiting different people, in their homes, life situations, environments, seasons, people in their own cultures and countries.


Art often is a luxury thing. So it is great to have the opportunity to have free art in your own house on a more personal level. 

The most interesting thing for me is the travelling aspect and the documenting of the experiences from different backgrounds, cultures and locations. This influences how your experience is with it. Usually you buy artwork and you place it in your home and thats it

Curious where it is going now.

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