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Russia Februari Zhukovsky

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Before I saw the drawing I was already interested in the project. I think it is a very smart idea, which brings a new kind of communication. Being a beholder gives a special relationship to the art travel. A chance to make new contacts abroad. 


We have a very busy household with four children, so for the drawing we chose the biggest wall in the house for that was the simpliest to keep Ellen's drawing safe :)


As an architect, a significant and interesting thing was the relationship between the drawing and parts of my own work. When I made a close up of 3d laser scan point clowd in the program I use for my architectural drawings, I could see a lot of lines that were very similar to the lines of the drawing. I recognise the style of your work in mine.


I make projects with people from different countries. Sometimes with 40 participants, collaborating in making pictures or animations together. 

The feeling in this project is therefore not completely new. What is new is that we have a common physical thing. 

To be a good creator, in control of a big project, you must be a good participant. 

For one moment I thought do I have to remove my fingerprints on the frame, do I need gloves touching it?


One direction in architecture studies, which is seldom taught in Russia, is a way to inventing new ways of thinking. This open kind of teaching makes it possible to combine different thoughts, develop individual languages in which we can find new creations. 

In the Silent muse drawings a personal language has been found. 

In several projects we made ourself, based on architecture, I see a similar structural way of using lines like in the drawings. In a very simplistic way I see all kinds of variations, creating abstract objects together. 

Viewd from a distance the drawing appeared to have a grey background with open gaps however, close by I realised it was build out of different kinds of lines all making their own structure. I was endeared the expression in the drawing. 


I feel connected to the simplicity of the drawing built by lines. Whilst researching the use of lines within structures, I was amazed about how they can give strength. 

I think a simple repetition of lines, like in prayer, can help to solve problems within your mind.


I like sudden unexpected things because there is a chance for creativity. 

My daughter Maya made a little picture, inspired by the Silent muse, which we added to the package. We made it into a portrait, by showing her face through the object. When the borders are open we would be good to come over so you can see how it looks for real with Maya’s face behind it. 


What stands out in the project for me is that nobody can own it!

USA February Wynnewood PA

Thank you for letting us participate in this very unique endeavor.  Hosting the Traveling Muse in our home has been a pleasure. 

When we got it, our first thought was to find a temporary place in the house where we could find pleasure in seeing it every day. We all agree the library would be the best place since lately, that's where we congregate the most.  My husband Harold and I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with our two boys, Townsend 9, and Harrison 6 1/2.  During covid, we have chosen to have our kids stay home and do virtual school from the house.  Harold, still goes to work every day as an orthopedist in Philadelphia and I stay home with the kids and my mother, who's been living with us since covid started.  

The whole household has enjoyed trying to imagine what the Traveling Muse represents and how it makes us feel.  I see the look on my kid's eyes when they stop and stare at it every now and then. While they twist their heads and look closer or point at it trying to describe it. Harrison says that the artwork has two moons. Townsend tells me there is a shark in the picture!

Harold and I see it as a tale from a seashore with a whale in the picture and a rowboat on it's sandy beaches.  

During these changing and sometimes troubling times, the Traveling Muse has offered a mental getaway that we all need and welcome. 

Thank you for the opportunity of taking care of your precious work of art. 

Love, Ana , Harold, Townsend  and Harrison. 

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