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Ellen haarhuis FHP 2015-52-bewerkt.jpg

oil on canvas -  triptych   2016


Ellen Haarhuis (1965)

Living and working in Breda, the Netherlands.
Working as an independent, professionel artist : making paintings, drawings and graphic prints.
Member of the dutch professionel artist society.


1988-1992 Academy for Fine Arts in Amsterdam, painting,drawing and art history.
1983-1986 Trained as  tailor in fashion and clothing.

1991 Pilot licence hot air ballooning.


2003 open atelier Breda
2003  Art market Ginneken Breda
2004  Gallery Artilabo Breda
2004  Art Manifestation Icarus
2004  Gallery P5 Klundert
2004  Art Manifestation West –Brabant, Ford Sabina Henrica Willemstad
2005  Gallery Barendrecht
2005  Art route Breda
2006  Art exhibition ‘Steenman’ Etten-Leur
2007  Gallery Jan D’art
2010  Art concept ‘Silent Muse’ 
2011  Art exhibition Diepenheim
2011  Art concept ‘Silent Muse’  
2011  Oog in Blik
2017  Gallery Jan D’art
2017  Gamma’s City Gallery
2018  Gallery ‘Art in Living’ Utrecht
2019   Stuart-loft  Art gallery Antwerpen



1998  Ca[t] communication. Relationbook, printing and book design
1999  poetry collection, Pernette Mason
2002  ‘Princenhuis’ haptonomy centre. Oil painting 60x80cm
2003  Hot Air Balloon Company ‘Ad Ballon’. Two oil paintings 130x170cm
2013  ‘Van Waterschoot’. Two oil paintings 180x110 cm

2019   Silent muse Mural -Jeroen van Berkhout 300x 500 cm

Study tours

Scottisch Highlands 1995
Ireland 1997
Limoge France 2017
Yorkshire England2018
Japan 1988


Work experience
1993 –  Private art lessons, workshops for companies 
2016  Painting restauration works 
2013/2014  Artist in residence at  GGZ W.Brabant phsyciatric institute
1998-1999   High School teacher,art lesson, KSE
2006-2014  Manager balloon atelier Ad Ballon BV
1998  Artist in residence at Artilabo, art leson physically/ mentally handicapped people
1991-1995 Commercial balloonist 
1990  High school teacher, art lesson, OLV Lyceum


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