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Japan March Okayama Ken

“Thanks for your fantastic picture. It made us so relaxing and comfortable.

 I was feeling something connection between the people who had participated this project.


I hope this food relation will be lasting long.”

USA March Pleasant Lake MI

When someone pointed out the option to take part in the Silent muse travel project I got very excited.  It was like a temporary find, a perfect winning ticket at a thriftstore. The way Ellen went about this project is fantastic. From the moment the information popped into the email, untill the arrivel of the package in its beautiful presentation. The frame was a perfect choice, it fits into many different houses as well as does the art. 


When the package first arrived it almost felt ceremonial, like bringing in someones child you are gonna look after. I opened the envelope that was inside and pulled out the journal logbook. I took a glimpse, I couldn’t help myself, I had to peak!  I took a look at what people had been writing and then quickly put it back in the box and tucked it away. The writing and reading in the logbook will be a moment of completion of the project for me.


The decision where to put the drawing came together with the fact we were going have it temporarily. We chose a central place in our little livingroom to be able to see it offen.


My husband was amazed by the tiny little lines in the drawing and pictured things in it, like a landscape at its different times of day. To me it is like looking at the clouds, trying to picture things in it. Looking very closely you see a structure within lines, but when you step back all 

shadows and shadings reminding me of the organic settings you see outdoors.

The drawing is a different type of art for me, a style that I didn’t have the oppertunity to appreciate yet. 


Good things came out of it. All together it brought in a fair amount of inspiration. Myself, I like to paint but haven’t done so lately. It is not always easy to find inspiration. A spark flaired in me when the muse arrived and hopefully it is going to lead to new artworks for me.  


The sharing of art is to me the biggest value in the project. Knowing other people have appriciated it in their house is like a fun feeling being part of a family, a feel of togetherness. Art should be shared and it is nice that this project is free of money although I wouldn’t have mind paying towards it, this much I liked the concept. A big appreciation for having the ability to have this art in my home in this unexpected way. I think it is fantastic this project has been created. 


It certainly will be a sad and happy moment to send it back off. I am happy knowing other people are going to receive it. A blessing moment to have someone’s art in the house. 

The art is leaving but the excitement stays.

Russia March Rostov

Silent muse in Rostov-on-Don.


I am very happy to be a part of this amazing project "Artists without borders". The Silent muse is extraordinary, amazing, beautiful, fascinating, boundless, calm...This is a stream of emotions that are difficult to describe, they need to be felt. They will be remembered forever. Thank you, Ellen, for this opportunity. Warm regards,


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