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Japan April Saitamu

I found it very meaningful that a baby was born when Ellen's drawing was at home.

Furthermore, this time it was the second child, and the two white forms in the drawing overlapped with the children.

It was a wonderful coincidence for our family.

How wonderful it is for the drawing to travel the world and create various stories at each destination!

I'm sorry that I can't express well enough what I want to say in English.

USA April Portland


We got connected in the project by a cousin. My wifes mother was an artist. She was a rennaisance woman. 

I look at the picture in a presentational way, like seeing a whale and a sunset.

Over time looking at it I pick up other images. 


Deb says;” I am not a fan of abstract art, I only see the lines. I can feel the greyness I guess. Not in a negative or positive way, grey is just another colour. I actually like it. I like its simplicity, and I like the greyness. It feels like a calm rainy Portland day”. 


We put the picture up at a place we pass by multiple times a day. Previously there was a picture there in watercolour, having this one in grey and white black and white doesn’t stand out so much. 


The project is unique to us, we never heard of a project of this kind. It’s so nice to know about how others experienced being involved in this project. It is interesting to know how the project has been created from a wider perspective. We wondered how you get your information from countries with different languages.


Because of Covid we got into a way of living and therefore we didn’t have a lot of interaction with others. Besides sharing it with our daughter we kept the project to ourselves.


Art is a good thing to share, good for humanity, this is the most important value to us.

Russia April Ryazanskaya Oblast

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