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USA November Kensington C.A.

A Russian friend of mine texted me about the project. I am a painter myself and like to collaborate with other artists. I found this a very interesting project, a cool idea. So I immediatley say yes. Although I had a little concern in the beginning because  I am serious about this type of thing. It asks a lot of responsibility to receive a piece of art and I hope it will go smoothly.


When I received the package I was amazed and shocked by its beauty. I could feel the love and care put into it which added some kind of extra value.  

What ever would have been sent I was open for it.  Just hoping it was something my husband and I could be happy with.


I opened it up and it was so beautiful, I was like, O my god this has the right attitude for me.

It is not too bulky or bold but calm and modest. It is exactly how you called it, Silent muse.

She is standing above the fireplace with a view of the Canyon. We sit on the couch in front of the table with coffee or tea and breakfast and she is standing in front of us. It works very well with the interior. 


To me the art is like a river. I immediately got connected. It matches very well with my personality. It invites you to talk and to view but it does not scream, you know. It is ballanced and I like this. I created a legend for myself that the image of the drawing is water. From the start it spoke to my personality and it stayed like that. It felt like meeting a new person I already know for years. 

I haven’t read the poem and didn’t look in the travel logbook. I kept this towards the end of the month.


Art normally has multiple stages, the idea, the producing and the exposing. The travel takes it to a different level. Due to the lockdown the power of this project becomes more clear. Unexpected good timing, I would say. We can’t travel but this art can. With you and the 35 others I feel connected like with dots. It excites me.


What makes this special is knowing that there are some things in the world beyond practicality. Communities of people doing beautiful and exciting things. Something irrational that stands for love.

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Japan November Tokyo

When I received the package and opened the box it felt very special, private. I loved the original way it is done. This really made me ready to meet your piece of art. 

Normally paintings don’t travel to its viewer, the viewer travels to the artwork but you bring it to the people and that is a very new idea. Amazing that the artwork is travelling by itself. Now with the Covid 19 lots of artists are trying to exhibit online whereas this is real. This is what is needed. 


At first I exhibited it downstairs in my studio. I enjoyed it only for myself. I was reading the art in a more technical way. Composition, materials, the layers, how it was made and contemplated the qualities it had. Later on I took it into our living place. This is the first time art other than my own, is hanging on the wall. Hirokichi, my girlfriend and I enjoyed it together. We made a little exhibition of my work and the silent muse drawing. The drawing combined well with my own work. That was a new experience too. It was joyful to search for the paintings that fitted with the drawing. 


Your drawing changed everyday. It depended on the weather, feelings, room situation. 

I could hear your drawing very clearly. Now it was talking more like a friend. How are you? It changed my vision. So was not like a mirror. More like a conversation, like talking. I could hear you, Ellen. It called out different emotions. Sometimes it sounded a bit angry, a bit scary for me but also happy, funny, dancing…. The drawing was more to me than an object. It is having a life. It is a strong powerful work of art and shows your individual character.


Because we already met in Amsterdam I understand more about your art. I know how you draw, this gives something extra to the connection with the art. Every day I see your drawing I can hear you very closely. Today your drawning says I am happy. The room is lifting up, it goes from bottom to top.


This drawing will be in 11 other houses in Japan. When I think of it travelling to someone elses house I feel a little bit jealous. Of most art work you have just one piece in the world, made by one person and in hands of the owner. Right now I have your artwork, a unique piece. I am happy the others will meet the same artwork but this particular one is important to me. Normally when people buy an artpiece it stays with the buyer in their home or company. The moving of the drawings is a new way to enjoy the art pieces. 

The passing on is like giving your artwork a heart. It is difficult to find words for how this feels. 


The project is valuable to me. It is interesting to think about the meaning of it. I feel a private connection with the artwork. When it was in my house I felt jealousy because it was not just mine. This was an unexpected point for me. As was the conversation I had with Ellen via the drawing. It feels sad it is leaving, like you can feel sad when you graduate. I think the next person will enjoy it as did we. To Hirokichi the thinking and talking about the concept of the project was most important. It gave new ideas, a new way of thinking about art. We contemplate about  where art belongs. Is it the paper or the brand or the value of the price? A chance to open a different way of looking at the position of art. 

Russia November Irkoetsk

The contact with the 'Beholder' in Irkoetsk was silent

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