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USA Aug Castle Rock CO

We met Ellen in The Netherlands and liked her imediately. She was very driven and commited to the project and so we wanted to support her by taking place in the travel.


We were excited to get the drawing after it had already been travelling on its national journey, it made the world feel smaller, which we think is a good thing, it makes us all more connected. The packaging felt in a certain way a kind of special secret, presented with love.

We put it in our main living area where we could see it often. The drawing looked different each time and was surprisingly precise. 


During the time the Silent muse was here we have moved through deeper levels of stress, fear about our own life and the world. The returning of renewed conversations has been concommunent with the drawing being here. We cannot say that the drawing is causitive, a lot of other things are going on aswell, but yes it has been in our house during a period that came with relief. A representation of happiness and a connection to the world. The art piece felt like Ellen was here. It was like having a piece of light in the house, which was very useful.


Before the muse arrived it was only an idea with a possibilty to happen and then it did! Now there is the felt sense in the body of having this experience. This manifestation made a difference to the way we viewed the project.

Knowing now the project is also active in Russia, especially with the conflict between USA and Russia. At least there is this small treat of connection and we appreciate this presence in  different countries.


Most important is the connection to a possitive and beautiful intention. You can get so wrapped up in the stress of life, especially with the covid situation. The project was an interruption and a reminder there is love in the world. The appreciation is more than we realised. We couldn’t have known that we would be this happy about it.

We want to acknowledge, Ellen’s spirit and vision to life, she didn’t intend to have it travel during this epidemic lockdown time, but even in the face of it all she kept going to make it happen. It peaks to the soul of the artist, art can unite and devide poeple, it has an emotional impact.

 Going from this individual drawing, she has been working very focused right there in her one room and then expanding it out to a global experience.

The piece showing up here on the wall is like planting a seed. It is like the root of a tree, standing here and with a seed growing somewhere else. This is how I feel it in the experience within the project.


The seed planted roots in our life. The art piece is going but the memory and the experience is still here.

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Japan Aug Tokyo

At the Dutch embassy

Russia Aug St- Petersburg

on her way to The Netherlands

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