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History of the Silent Muse

The sorrow of the stranded muses

Two failed journeys precede this project. My muzes, paintings then, went on tour before. At least, that was the intention ...


Silent muse 1

Eight years ago was a very intense period for me. I was going through a divorce. In that period I read "The Night Train To Lisbon" by Mercier. That book has been lying beside me for years like a bible. The main character makes a change in his life. I found that so amazing. I too wanted a change in my life. What can I do then? What do I want then? What hinders me, whereby I don't know it or can't do it?


With these kinds of questions I came up with the idea of a traveling painting. It was packed in a specially made tulip-woode case. The package was given to someone and that person had to give it to someone else after a month, and that person to another after a month ... With all the risks that entails.


I wanted to at least assure myself that the first person I found was open to it, so that the project didn't immediately become a flop. So I spent a long time thinking about what kind of person that should be. I found someone I thought would be open to it.

Stille Muze 1-2011-23.jpg

Silent Muse 1 was an oil painting. Transported in a wooden case. Unfortunately it got stolen..

I didn't stand in the way as the artis so I asked a friend to hand it over. kind of incognito.
My number was in the case and that same evening I received a call: "I am not happy with this and I want you to pick it up immediately." So I did just that.. I went to Amsterdam with a pounding heart. Feeling terribly small. I was very disappointed. When I came home that evening, I was broken. I thought "i'll leave that heavy box in the car and get it out tomorrow". The next morning I found out that is was stolen..never recovered. I can only hope that someone has got it and enjoys it...

Stille Muze 2
Hals a year later I went to exhibit in Diepenheim and decided to give the project a new chance. Everyone who visited the exhibition could register to be the first to receive the Silent muse. The lucky ones turned out to be a fairly well-known couple from the village.


Photo was placed in the newspaper. After one month the couple would pass on the work and then post a message on Facebook...
I didn't hear anything. In the meantime, privately, I was still in a very penible situation, so I thought " never mind, this is just not meant to be".

5 Years later I received a text message from people in Amsterdam who had found the painting with the bulk refuse that was due to be collected a day later. They asked if it was mine and what they should do with it... A few weeks later I picked it up.

Silent muse 2

Silent Muse 2 was missing for 5 years. Luckily it turned up.. It has not travelled since.

I decided to resume the project, using a different approach..
The Silent Muse -in gaze of the beholder was developed. The history is actually a sad story

but it too will eventually be a valuable part of the exhibition. I am convinced that real life is accompanied by risks.

Anyone who wants to live life to it fullest is is vulnerable. This includes taking certain risks. That is just part of the game. If something goes wrong, well that is just how it is.

Ofcourse it was fantastic that the second "muse on a journey" was found and returned and gave me the faith and the idea to review the whole plan.

It has made me think; where am I standing ? Can I refit that old idea into the live I am living  and the way I am thinking nowadays?

It happened. Therefor you could say that I am grateful that it happened that way.

My vision of life has broadened. I live with the idea that everything is somehow inseparable connected. No matter how big the differences may seem. It is much more a case of sameness , than of difference. Everything consists of the same building blocks, carries the same foundation.

Despite modern communication, we are further apart than ever. That is a contradiction in itself.

How wonderful would it be if  this method of communication, could bring us together as people.

The Silent muse project makes it possible for the "beholder" to come in contact with him or herself. Experience the feeling of being part of a larger whole. Knowing that they somehow are connected.



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