Concept Silent muse -in gaze of the beholder-


The Silent Muse is a framed pen and ink drawing on paper, together with a travel-log,

packaged in a leather folder. 
She travels around the world to unknown individuals as a personal temporary gift.


In this intimate way, ‘in gaze of the beholder’, the Silent Muse hopes to unveil the ‘Beholders’, to their self, in their own time and space. No interference, no disturbance from the public domain. Travelling around, undefined by the world. 
This artwork is the ‘muse of openness’, by which everyone can find/be their own. 
A gift to someone’s personal imagination.

The Muse project seeks to find, which lies in the movement of the travel. 
All roads are open and what is found is unknown. It is the adventure of life.

The language of the Silent Muse overcomes all sorts of borders.
No corresponding knowledge is needed.
This art travels to individuals, regardless of language and background.
Oneness exists in its most original form amidst alone-ness.

In silence we find ourselves in solitude within the whole. 
Therefore life is a collaboration, by collaboration life is found. 
Art connects and can speak for matters beyond logic.

Silent Muse -‘in gaze of the beholder’- can appear in anyone’s hands. 
We are all included.

 Silent Muse, getting  packed
          for her travel

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