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Russia January Yekaterinburg

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I liked the idea of the project right away! As a child I loved making paper airplanes and launching them through the window. I imagined how he would fly over the ground somewhere far away. The painting is like a small airplane from my childhood that flew to visit me. Of course, I said yes!


Quiet Muse arrived in Ykaterinburg on the eve of the new year. First, I put it on the shelf next to the New Year's composition. And then I decided to take the painting to the bedroom and put it on the shelf next to other paintings so that she would not be bored on her own.


In the morning I woke up and looked at the picture. It reminded me of winter dawn, when it is frosty outside, about 30 degrees below zero. White snow and grey sky are linked by snowfall. But there is always a gap through which the sun looks at the frozen city.

Every morning I smiled, looking at the picture, which reminded me that the sun is always somewhere near.


I leafed through the book with interest with  impressions of those people who were visited by Muse. Everyone has a different perception and that's great! It would be interesting to see photos of all the project participants.

I am very accustomed to the Quiet Muse and I was sorry to let her go. She stood on a shelf above the bed, right above my head, and cast quiet, beautiful dreams. I will be glad if the rest of the project participants also fall in love with Silent Muse.

USA Whitehouse Station NJ

Entering the project was an exciting opportunity to do something I hadn’t done before. 

An option to experience someone’s art in the privacy of my home. The mystery of it attracted me. 

Art can give all kind of emotions or it can mean nothing, depending on the person.

I felt honoured with the possibility to participate. 


I didn’t know what to expect. Certainly not a picture that revealed so much in one. That was the true surprise. I didn’t antisipate to experience all those differtent feelings in one piece of art. It moved me.


In my home we spent all our evenings in the livingroom. The picture hangs close to the table where we often sit. Nice to have it close, right next to me. 


I hike and love the outdoors. We live next door to the beautiful Round Valley reservoir with lots of options for hiking. Hiking is an amazing experience for me. It gives me a peacefulness, a calmness. This I had never found before in my life. That feeling I get from being in the woods I also got from the Silent muse. It was truly amazing. When I looked at the silent muse I saw a variaety of things. I saw the sand dunes, the rising sun, the rolling mountains, that beauty of nature, calmness and peacefullness. All these emotions appeared when I looked at the drawing.  I truly enjoyed having the Silent  Muse in my home because normally I only get these feelings when I am outside in the woods. 


I am happy for those who are having the experience to participate in this project. 

The Covid has infected things. We would have loved to share the artpiece with others and  discuss about it but we cann’t have those gatherings now. 


I didn’t involve myself with any information about the project upfront. Therefore I had no influence other than my own. Now the drawing has been past on I am curious about the stories behind the concept and of the stories and experiences of the other Beholders.

Most importantly to me is the fact that the project actually exists. 

To me it is truly amazing and I am very greatful for having been a part of it.

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Japan January Saga

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