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Russia October Moscow

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The project came to me via a friend. I didn’t really have to think about it, an easy decision. I just stepped in. I love life and for me this is a good way to live it. I liked the beautiful package no less than the work itself and the transparent frame looks really good. It is good to be somewhere near the drawing. Therefore I decided to hang it in my bedroom.


It feels good to add something to my life, especialy when it has a story. It is not so often that an artwork like this drawing can change a life but, it can influence a little bit. To me the concept is most important. 

An artist friend of mine once made a huge painting on my  wall, this had a big influence on the atmosphere in my flat. 


When I wake up the drawing is the second picture I see. It makes me think a lot about the concept of the art project. A playful way of thinking, it is so nice, I discuss a lot of ideas with myself when I see the picture.( I always think of what I can do in the artistic world.) This art makes me part of another story, outside of my own.  From my girlfriend point of view it is not obvious why you made this but for me it is.

The drawing I just like, its simplism, its greyness as this is one of my favorite colours. Also I like the sadness I feel when I look at it. It gives a.melancholic atmosphere. But I don’t really focus on this. I don’t  think about the drawing, it is just  being liked it or not.

Everyone has everything inside. You can be energetic from the outside but with melancholy on the inside or the other way around. It depends on what someone shows and how they have developed.


The fact that 35 other people in the world are also included is the way I like it best. This concept appeals to me a lot. I would like to have communication between all these people,it would be interesting to pass information to others and to come to know each other. It is not obvious to get in contact via a concept. To get in contact with unknown people via an idea is strange and very interesting at the same time. I am a practisional artist and always making projects. The Silent muse shows how you can make a new community through art. Especiallyin this case: what such a small piece of art can do. From this side my brain works with it. I am very busy with no time making these actions, but if this happens, I’ll be around to support.


When you have something you like, it makes me a little bit sad when it is leaving. The travel, the experiences others will have and the connections it makes, are of bigger importance to me. I studied philosophy and to me a concept is more realistic than a thing. 

The person before me I know but the one where the artwork goes to now I don’t and I am very curious who that may be. I would have liked to make this connection. For me it would also be nice if the courier was more involved in the story. 


I feel myself very close to this concept.

It would be really fantastic to meet the other people for real, discuss and make something together.

USA October Waxhaw NC

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Last year I was asked by a friend if I was interested in the Silent muse travel project. I liked 

it and so joined in.

I don’t usual keep up with my emails and didn’t really think about the project before the package came. A surprising hugh package, like a Christmas gift, I was sure I didn’t order anything off Amazon. The beautiful leather satchel was lovely. When I saw the drawing I realised it was the Silent muse. An unexpected surprise.


Most of my day I spend tutoring from home in my workspace and decided to hang it there because I wanted to be able to see it myself during daytime. It was nice to share it with the students with whom I had nice conversations about the artpiece.


You asked me if the drawing changed  the room? It was a little brighter, it was white in the background, white and clear. It made the atmosphere calm, peaceful I think. The place comes more alive because there are other people connected to that work of art.


I wondered, what was the story the drawing was telling me? So I tried to figure it out. What is ita bout?  

In between appoinments I look at it, think about it. It looks like a canoe to me going through a journey. The white parts in the drawing are like obstacles we have to go through in life, like Covid. Going through the wilderness like in a canoe you have to make your own way.


I love the idea more people in the world are having this same experience as me. Feels like a brotherhood around the world. These things make us feel more united, not singular. It doesn’t matter where you are from, we have that connection by the drawing. The experience combines us.


The drawing became part of my everyday working life. Now the drawing is leaving I feel sad as if the connection with the others is also leaving. The drawing found its place easy. I’ll miss it. It is not just a piece of art. The people and the stories behind the drawing opens up the world and makes it bigger. It feels like my ‘work of art family’.


The biggest value is that connection worldwide, we are all united. I don’t normally think about the world in this way until this project came along. I live in my own little world in North Carolina, I don’t think about the greater world beyond but this  artproject made me feel more connected to the outside world. Now with Covid you can’t travel so much and with this project the world  opens up even more.

It is like finding a treasure , what is the history of this treasure? It sort of drops in your lap, like by surprise. The surprise element I love and all the conversations around it. 

One of the students asked : Does it need to have a meaning?

Japan October Nagano Ken

When I first heard about this project, I didn't understand it well.

I think that's because Ellen's idea was very original.

I can understand it now.

I am very happy to be able to participate in this original project.


I live in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, one of the most mountainous areas in Japan.

Surrounded by 3000m-class mountains.

There is little interaction with other areas.

There is almost no interaction with foreigners.


Being able to participate in this international project was a valuable opportunity for

me to connect with the world.

When I displayed this original work in the room, I could feel the world.

I was excited just to imagine that this work came from Breda far away.

The work has brought the "world" to our town.


There are four seasons in Japan, and now the season is just autumn.

Our town is the brightest season.


It is clear that the work is monochrome.

However, when this work arrives at the next host, it will carry a colorful view of our

town with us. And I hope our color will reach Breda far away.


Ellen, I am very grateful to be able to participate in the project. 

Thank you very much.

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